Utilizing global equity investments, we offer unequivocal portfolio diversification and risk management solutions. Our strategic investments offer competitive returns in rising markets, with supplemental protection during struggling market conditions. Our team distinguishes high-quality compounders for strong, long term performance; while also exploiting market inefficiencies – searching for liquid stocks with attractive risk-reward characteristics. Our firm offers both cost-effective index funds along with actively managed portfolios to capture your investment objectives.
Our active management team utilizes both quantitative and fundamental analytical strategies. Our quantitative investment team assigns factor weights based upon stock profile, capturing the evolution of that stock over time by adjusting factor weights. This model helps us broaden factor exposure and decrease risk. Our fundamental equity team focuses on global independent research, collaborating daily to bring forward the brightest and most intuitive conclusions along with unforeseen risks and exposures. All active management strategies provide clients with a consistent up-to-date comprehensive view of their portfolio’s risk statistics.

Our fundamental equity team focuses on global independent research, collaborating daily to bring forward the brightest and most intuitive conclusions along with unforeseen risks and exposures. All active management strategies provide clients with a consistent up-to-date comprehensive view of their portfolio’s risk statistics. No matter the strategy, our team focuses on long term results rather than attempting to beat the market each year.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income solutions create the framework of a predictable diversifier within our clients’ portfolios. Often viewed solely as a low risk, low reward option, Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management has devised numerous fixed income strategies to avail higher risk, higher return alternatives for clients seeking these objectives. Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management offers opportunities to invest internationally in bonds, CDs, ETFs, bond funds, and money market funds when utilizing a fixed income class.
Our fixed income strategists span 5 continents, leveraging knowledge based upon the sector, country, or style of investing. Our team styles a broad perspective plan devised by international team input. Our global span allows us to identify cyclical risks and opportunities, and combine this with fundamental research analysis of all publicly traded sectors.

Our investors are given the potential to target their specific objective – from generating income to mitigating risk. No matter the objective, our goal is not to chase the latest trend. Instead, we distill a multitude of distinct team views into an actionable strategy to meet your long-term vision.


Alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular – especially among our pension plan, insurance, and private endowment clients. Many high net individuals also choose to invest a portion of their portfolio into alternatives due to the tendency of alternative investments to act independently of traditional asset investments.
Alternative investments are advantageous for those looking to reduce risk while increasing contingency for high returns. Due to low coalescence with traditional investment types, our team understands the benefits alternative investments add to any portfolio. Our team strategically disperses clients’ investments among private equity, managed futures, hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and derivatives to add meaningful portfolio diversification.

Our team combines cutting edge technology with precisely calculated independent research to deviate from highly volatile alternatives and focus on stable opportunities. Additionally, our readily accessible team members are available to advise clients on tax benefits available through the utilization of this asset class.


Investing in multi-asset classes allows our team to create innovative solutions to meet clients’ investment needs. Cornelius Vanderbilt’s approach focuses on the outcomes desired. We understand these outcomes range from portfolio protection during highly volatile market conditions to chasing positive alpha with the assessment of asset allocation in contrast to trading costs.
Our team employs a plan pursuing the desired outcome not only in current market conditions but given any market condition. Our team blends best performance strategies based upon fundamental, technical, macro, and quantitative analysis. Our team leaves no stone unturned. We travel and meet with companies across the globe, and combine this with an expanse of in-depth research.
Analysts inspect historically similar trends, identifying key differences existing within the current market. The team takes this knowledge to predict the likelihood of historical trends repeating or behaving dissimilar in the conventional market.

Impact Investing

Once we understand your philanthropic desire, we can determine the best investment vehicle to both propel your purpose and increase monetary returns. Consideration of a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) in correlation with analytical scrutiny of ROI capacity helps us determine the best allocation for your investment.
Companies actively pursuing to solve our greatest social and environmental challenges may find themselves at the forefront of opportunity for future growth. Companies operating under socially and environmentally friendly practices tend to attract investors, benefitting the company. In turn, company growth benefits the investor. Utilizing Bent-ley Rothschild impact investing, a portion of your portfolio is appropriated to benefit a positive and sustainable social cause; simultaneously operating to increase personal financial gain.
Over 90% of impact investors reported that investments met or surpassed their initial projections. A large percentage of millennials contribute to impact investing, indicating strong future projections for this investment practice. Our impact investment team cautiously monitors for possible impact investing “bubbles”, ensuring your money not only services an altruistic purpose, but also serves you as the investor.

Asset Management


Members of Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management pride themselves in compassion, integrity, and guidance in managing client wealth. We display confidence in executing timely fiscal revisions, upholding our reputation for client-focused service.

Risk Management

Diversification-seeking individuals seek diverse investment solutions, backed by sound research. Our solutions mitigate risk while increasing long-term returns.


Our team members possess deep expertise in their respective fields and are highly sensitive to particular client challenges and obstacles.

Global Presence

Our globally operated offices allow for local client consultation and face-to-face interactions. We are able to offer highly focused local market expertise and advisory services based on real-time research and local presence.