Our Risk Solutions Group provides the strategic and tactical risk management solutions for clients to reduce exposure and mitigate financial risk. We offer rates solutions, FX and enterprise risk management. Our corporate derivatives team provides solutions and insight to reduce risk.

The highly recognized team is fully integrated with industry coverage partners, spanning the globe over a wide array of sectors. Our risk solutions team offers seamless solutions to clients internationally across all sectors and industries. We strive for excellence and offer solutions and products to manage risk, reduce vulnerability, both data-driven and legal, and foster financial growth in an environment of reduced exposure.

Risk Solutions Products Include:

  • Asset Management and Securities Solutions
  • Corporate Derivative Analysis to Reduce Risk
  • Credit and Market Risk Solutions

Asset Management


Members of Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management pride themselves in compassion, integrity, and guidance in managing client wealth. We display confidence in executing timely fiscal revisions, upholding our reputation for client-focused service.

Risk Management

Diversification-seeking individuals seek diverse investment solutions, backed by sound research. Our solutions mitigate risk while increasing long-term returns.


Our team members possess deep expertise in their respective fields and are highly sensitive to particular client challenges and obstacles.

Global Presence

Our globally operated offices allow for local client consultation and face-to-face interactions. We are able to offer highly focused local market expertise and advisory services based on real-time research and local presence.