Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management Invests Over the Following Sectors:

  • Trading Technology
  • Market Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Technology
  • Information Services
  • Big Data / Advanced Analytics Software and Services
  • Security Software and Services
  • Mobile Technology
  • Technology-Enabled Specialty Finance
  • Social Financial Technology
  • Payments
The Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management Principal Strategic Investments group seeks to locate and manage long term strategic investments in high growth tech companies uniquely poised to benefit from our services.
We offer flexible options for investing that allow us to make customized decisions when choosing investments for equity and convertibles. Our team has a decades combined track record in managing multi-million-dollar portfolios over a wide range of sizes, from $2,000,000 and $50,000,000. With a micro-focus on market infrastructure and tech in the financial sector, as well as enterprise technological companies, we deliver peak execution for all our clients and offer a strategic approach to investment relationships. Some principal strategic products and services include joint product development, IP licensing and arrangements, market participation agreements, research and valuation, and more.
Our investment group is globally positioned and interconnected across Cornelius Vanderbilt’s Securities Division and our Technology and Operations groups, enabling us to stay ahead of the competition and guide businesses looking to expand. We focus on helping entrepreneurs build innovative technology solutions on a grander scale and to engage in a comprehensive relationship with Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management in a franchise-growth style partnership as the company grows.
We have a goal to partner with companies who have demonstrated long term credit-worthy management and a strong growth track record. Our partnerships include those with proven products and long-term value by demonstrating a proof of concept. Our approach is long ranging and focused on engaged partnerships with our strategic connections and investment holdings over five-year period, or more We invest our resources in the big-picture goal over a long period of time in a wide range of companies.

Our advisory team offers management with access to the Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management franchise partnership, interconnected relationships, and a broad strategic network of elite advisors who will accelerate value creation.

The primary focus for Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management Infrastructure Partners to match investment opportunities with the following guidelines and with following sectors:

  • Transportation Infrastructure (airports, ports, railways and roads)
  • Utilities Infrastructure (electricity, gas and water)
  • Energy (pipelines, terminals and power generation)

Asset Management


Members of Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management pride themselves in compassion, integrity, and guidance in managing client wealth. We display confidence in executing timely fiscal revisions, upholding our reputation for client-focused service.

Risk Management

Diversification-seeking individuals seek diverse investment solutions, backed by sound research. Our solutions mitigate risk while increasing long-term returns.


Our team members possess deep expertise in their respective fields and are highly sensitive to particular client challenges and obstacles.

Global Presence

Our globally operated offices allow for local client consultation and face-to-face interactions. We are able to offer highly focused local market expertise and advisory services based on real-time research and local presence.