As a direct lender, Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management has the liquidity and foundation necessary to discreetly provide individuals and companies in need of capital with quick turnaround.

Stock Loans, which once reserved for Blue Chip Companies or High Net Worth Individuals, can now be obtained from much smaller cap companies for their founders, management or directors. Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management is leading the way in creating complex products that meet the requirements of our clients in need of an Equity Stock Loan.
Further, Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management offers one of the lowest interest rates in our sector; we can provide this because we are a direct lender. Along with very competitive interest rates, we are also able to offer Loan to Value (LTV) for stocks as high as 80%. All of our equity stock loans are interest only payment loans. Ultimately, we offer the most aggressive, transparent and simple security-based lending program available in the industry.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management securities-based loans are customized to each of our clients, which ensures that our clients are provided with the flexibility necessary when seeking liquidity for personal or business use without wanting to expose their existing securities .

Our goal is to always deliver innovative financing solutions to individuals and businesses seeking an alternative to the direct sale of their securities.

Our company currently funds Equity Stock Loans that trade on almost all of the world’s exchanges.

Asset Management


Members of Cornelius Vanderbilt Capital Management pride themselves in compassion, integrity, and guidance in managing client wealth. We display confidence in executing timely fiscal revisions, upholding our reputation for client-focused service.

Risk Management

Diversification-seeking individuals seek diverse investment solutions, backed by sound research. Our solutions mitigate risk while increasing long-term returns.


Our team members possess deep expertise in their respective fields and are highly sensitive to particular client challenges and obstacles.

Global Presence

Our globally operated offices allow for local client consultation and face-to-face interactions. We are able to offer highly focused local market expertise and advisory services based on real-time research and local presence.